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Fleck 5600 Model

Hi readers! When it comes to high quality water softening devices, the name ‘Fleck’ always stands out. In fact, this brand is often mentioned in all of the website reviews and forums that we have visited and almost every feedback we hear about it is always positive. Get to know everything about this brand of water softener system by reading our guide for today.

A Brief History Of The Fleck Water Softener Brand

Fleck Brand Logo

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Fleck brand is owned by the Pentair Residential Filtration Company (LLC) and has been in the business of producing top of the line water softeners for 40 years. The brand became popular in the softening industry since their products were the first to use a powerhead meter for regulating the regeneration process in water softening devices. Fleck’s softening products are also called as “demand water softeners” and the powerhead meter is responsible for controlling the required volume of softened water as needed in the household. This innovation has revolutionized the way water is being treated since it gives the user the ability to save both on water and softening salt as compared to time initiated devices where the regeneration cycle is preset to run at a certain period regardless of there’s a need to produce soft water or not.

Today, Fleck has received countless high remarks due to their ability to produce effective products in removing hard elements in water. Most (if not, all) of their best water filters come with a five year warranty and they have several models to offer with different configurations. They have been consistently recognized as one of the highly reputed brands and they are well-loved by many consumers all over the world.

Why Choose Fleck Water Softeners?

A wise consumer would always ask this question. If you need to know more about the benefits of having a softening device from this brand, here are the answers you are looking for. Get to know some of the things you can get when you go for a Fleck water softener:

Budget Friendly

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Easy on the money – Most of the customers are always looking for the best value in money that they can get, and Fleck is no stranger to this fact. All of their softener systems with different features are reasonably priced so that every consumer could take advantage of these devices accordingly. With Fleck, you are always assured of finding the right water softener system to go well within your budget. And you’d be surprised to find out that you are actually getting more (in terms of features and specs) if you compare these products to other well known softeners systems of the same models in the market today.

Easy to set up – All Fleck water softeners are guaranteed user-friendly. That is, each of these products is designed to be set up effortlessly from the external components to the programming. Now you won’t have to worry about being stressed during installation. You don’t have to spend extra money just to hire a plumber because you can the set up on your own. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the manual, and you’ll be able to use the device in no time.

Easy to use – Thanks to the electronic powerhead meter, you can simply set up the hard water filter at your desired settings with a touch of a button.

Environment-friendly – With all the issues going on about the negative effects of water softeners to our environment, it pays to know that you are using an eco-friendly system in Fleck. With their products, you can be rest assured that you are getting 100% safe soft water that is made from a sustainable process. And not only that, all the individuals parts from their devices are made from eco-friendly materials so they won’t be able to emit any toxic substance which might affect the quality of water being produced upon regeneration. Once installed, the softening process can actually reduce greenhouse gases in the air and in the process saving the environment in your own little way.

Excellent Customer Service

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Easy access to water softener parts – Though issues are very rare, there are times when you need to replace some parts of the water softener after many years of servicing. And the good thing about this brand is their water softener parts and accessories are always available every time you need them. Simply locate the nearest hardware and supply store in your area and you will definitely find that piece you are looking for.

Awesome Customer Service – If you are having some troubles with your Fleck water softener, all you need to do is grab the phone a dial their support number or send a message through their customer service portal. Their customer service representatives are always ready to provide excellent service 24/7. And they won’t leave you until your issue is completely resolved.

Products are WQA Certified – Having this seal of approval gives you confidence that what you have is truly giving the best quality of soft water for home, commercial, and industrial use.  Not only that, you can guarantee that by having this certification all Fleck water softeners are upholding the standards to promote of the common good.

The Most Popular Fleck Water Softener Models

Fleck products have been sold in the market for decades. And though some of their products have undergone some changes in terms of the design and the technology being used, these models have always been consistent in delivering the best kind of soft water they can offer the benefit of the public. Listed below are some of the most popular Fleck water softeners being used today and a brief review of what these products can offer:

(NOTE: The reviews being discussed here are dedicated only to Fleck products. If you are interested to know more about the different reviews from other water softener brands, you can check out our “Reviewing The Best Water Softeners Today” article.)

Fleck 5600 Water Softener System

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Fleck 5600 – This device is often considered as the most popular water softener model under the Fleck brand. The 5600 is specifically designed to treat flow rates of up to 12 GPM with a capacity of 48,000 grains. In other words, this model is perfect for areas with medium to high level of hardness in water. And based on the same capacity being mentioned, the Fleck 5600sxt is suitable for families with up to 5-6 members because it can provide enough soft water for this particular size of inhabitants in a certain area.

The Fleck 5600 includes these impressive features to meet all your water softening needs:

  • Electronic powerhead controller with LCD display and touchpad controls for easy programming of softener settings.
  • Meter based regeneration process which is a main feature in all of Fleck devices for proper measurement of water being used and producing of soft water only when it’s needed.
  • Ion exchange process in softening water where the calcium and magnesium ions in water are replaced by sodium ions to eliminate the hardness in water.
  • Brine tank has a capacity of 250 lbs of salt pellets.
  • Safety float
  • Overflow drain to prevent overfilling.

The Fleck 5600 (or 5600 SXT) comes with 2 separate warranties with 5 years on the electric powerhead and 10 years on the tank. This home water softener device often receives a lot of great reviews from customers with special mentions to the efficiency of the system and quality of soft water being produced.

Fleck 7000 SXT Water Softener System

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Fleck 700 SXT – This type of Fleck water softener model is suitable for homes with 7-10 members of the family because of its 64,000 grains capacity. The 1.25 softener valve enables the devices to deliver high pressure flow for up to 35 GPM. The only difference it has compared to the lower model is the Fleck’s 7000 valve which is a recent version of valves from Fleck.

Like any other water softener from the brand, the 700 SXT uses an electronic powerhead with an integral microprocessor to allow the user to program the device to run at its optimal efficiency without consuming too much salt. It also has the same features with the preceding model along with the product’s warranty.

Fleck 9100 SXT Dual Tank Water Softener System

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Fleck 9100 SXT – This is the most advanced model of the 3 because of its twin tank system. The purpose of having 2 tanks is to ensure the household will never run out of soft water supply as these components will regenerate in an alternate fashion and avoid the possibility of production downtime.

The 9100 SXT also comes with the on demand flow meter which is another noticeable feature in all of Fleck water softeners.

The resin tanks also have a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet each and the max. flow rate of this device is 12 GPM.

The Fleck 9100 SXT water softener is perfect for homes with big families or in areas where the level of hardness in water is very high.

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Installing A Fleck Water Softener

Setting Up A Water Softener System

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Setting up a Fleck softener system is not at all complicated. All you need to do is follow the user’s manual that is usually included upon purchase. However, if you prefer a step by step approach on the installation process, you can check out our entry on how to install a water softener as posted in our homepage.

What Is The Best Fleck Water Softener Model?

According to the latest reviews and guide of the top water softener brands in the United States, Fleck 9100 SXT ranks as one of the best hard water filter models in the country for 2015 due to its efficiency and huge capacity in delivering soft water.  Although pricewise, it ranks as one of the most expensive devices. But the good thing about this is the twin tank system is able to produce soft water 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This device is so effective that a particular report highlighted the use of this device on a semi-crowded location. According to this report, the device was even installed in a small apartment compound and never lost its ability of producing high quality soft water for the many people living in that area.

What Is The Top Fleck Water Softener Used At Home Today?

Fleck 5600 Installed At Home

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Fleck 5600sxt is the top water softener that being installed in most homes in the country today because of 2 reasons: the features of the product and the price.

Consumers would always opt for this type of model because of the several features it has compared to other water softener units from different brands. Aside from that, it has this electric powerhead controller which is a crucial part in the system’s overall efficiency.

Another factor in making this system popular to the masses is the price. Now we all know that Fleck has always manufactured practical and affordable water softening solutions ever since. But considering the financial situation our country is facing today, it’s not that hard to understand that people would always go for the most practical choice available without spending much. Featurewise, the Fleck 5600 has it all. And the price tag is well within the budget of any average American citizen. So it’s no wonder why the Fleck 5600sxt became a popular choice for most homes in the country today.

Where Can I Get Reliable Reviews About Fleck Water Softeners?

Shopping At

Image Credit: would be the best place to visit if you want to get honest and unbiased customer reviews about Fleck water softeners. What’s good about this is you can read firsthand accounts of the customer’s experience in using Fleck products. Just go to their site and type the particular model of the product you want to check and the respective reviews will also appear below the page. And you can always rely on these best water filter system reviews because they are verified by the website before publishing.

Moreover, you can also look into different water softener forum websites. Just type the word “Fleck” and you’ll be able to read all the reviews, opinions, issues, and details about this particular brand. Again, you can also rely on these websites because most of the participants are actual owners of water softeners who are out to help others who are having problems with their own devices.

What Common Problems Does A Fleck Water Softener Have?

According to most reports and forum issues that we have read, these are some of the common problems that you may encounter once a Fleck water softener is installed in your house:

Too Much Water Inside The Brine Tank

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High level of water inside the brine tank – Some owners of Fleck softener devices are quite bothered of having “too much water” inside the brine tank. But as mentioned in our previous article, reservoir tanks do need large quantities of water (in gallons) to function properly as long as it does not go beyond the recommended water level.

If in case you suspect that there’s really something wrong with your system, here’s what you need to do to solve this problem:

  • Check for cracks around the tubing and check all the fittings if they are tightly connected. Any leak from the valve will cause to the water to accumulate every time the device will do a regeneration cycle.
  • Check the drain of the device for signs of clogging as any obstruction in the valve will cause the suction to fail. Remove the hose and look for signs of congestion. Clean the inside and measure the flow rate of the hose during backwash process. 8 inch tanks will normally yield about 1.5 GPM, 9 inch tanks will have a flow rate of 2.0 GPM while 10 inch tanks will have a 2.5 GPM flow rate. Any amount less than the indicated rates will tell you that the issue is not resolved and you have to look further for signs of clogging.
  • Check the injector as well as the injector screen for any traces of debris that can also cause clogging.
  • Check the outer area of the tank for signs of leaking.

Device is set at the wrong time of the day – This is actually a common issue for Fleck water softeners since all of their devices have an electronic powerhead. If this happens, then you may have experienced a power outage recently and the settings of the controller is affected. Another reason for this issue is the user might be using water while the regeneration cycle is taking place which can actually cause the device to display an inaccurate time as it is handling 2 different tasks at the same time.

The best solution in dealing this problem is to reset the controller and manually configure the time period of regeneration cycles to the desired setting. Press the button on the left side of the controller and hold it until the time dial of the device will spin. You can check the service manual for more detailed instructions on how to program the settings of your water softener.

Salt bridge – This issue is not only limited to the brand’s water softener system because most softener models from other brands also have this problem. Please check one of our previous entries as we have shared a practical way of dealing this problem by using only a simple broomstick and a touch of resourcefulness. Just remember that this solution is only a temporary fix and you still have to clean up the tank completely to get rid of this problem once and for all.

Can I Use Different Types Of Softening Regenerants For My Fleck Water Softener System?


Water Softener Salt

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Some customers think that it’s just okay to switch to different types of softening agents just like that. But the truth is replenishing the brine tank with different types of salt will greatly affect your water softener in terms of performance as some Fleck units require a specific type of salt over the other to produce soft water more efficiently. Most Fleck water softeners prefer evaporated salt because it is the purest form of salt made available for softening water. And although this type of salt is quite expensive compared to other softening agents, you’ll certainly spend less time and effort in doing the tank maintenance.

As much as possible, we highly recommend that you stick to one type of softening agent. But if you can’t avoid switching to other types of salt at some point, be sure to use up all the remaining salt supply in your tank before you refill it with a different softener salt to prevent any dirt, minerals, and any other deposits from contaminating the salt solution.

Where Can I Buy A Fleck Water Softener?

Fleck 5000 Model

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Actually, there are a lot of websites offering Fleck Softeners today. But not all of them are totally reliable since some of these vendors have placed a huge price markup on the devices as opposed to the usual pricing while other tend to focus more on selling Fleck parts and accessories more that the actual devices itself.

If you want to purchase online minus the worries, here are some of the reputable websites we can recommend:

  • – This is a trusted name in online selling. Amazon is your one stop shop to get an overview about the Fleck hard water filter you are going to buy with detailed specifications, reviews, etc. They accept various payment methods so that every customer can shop conveniently with no hassles.
  • eBay.comThis website offers a lot of Fleck water softeners and some of these devices are even discounted! Check out their website to know more about their different Fleck products as well as the kind of payment methods they are willing to accept.
  • – This website is dedicated to selling Fleck products from water softeners, valves, different parts and accessories, and everything related to the brand. Visit their website today and see what they have to offer.

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