Reviewing Morton M30 System Saver Water Softener


One of the most sought-after systems for water softening is the Morton M30 System Saver, which has the capability of softening water for a household that ranges between medium and large. Morton M30 can also be used effectively for solving problems related to hard water in small businesses. With exceptional features and high-grade performance, Morton M30 is a solid value buy if the water in your house comes loaded with minerals.
Reviewing Morton M30 System Saver Water Softener - water softener

Beneficial Features:

  • Thorough Softening- The Morton M30 essentially uses salt to eliminate excessive minerals, including magnesium and calcium, which add hardness to water. The water in your household has its chemical makeup changed because of the chemistry of ion exchange. The huge amount of resin beads in the M30 unit contain electrical charges emitted by sodium in the unit. Every time the resin beads get regenerated using the salt present in the water softener system, these beads attract the magnesium and calcium present in the water.Next, the sodium ions get exchanged, and the water turns soft thoroughly instead of the minerals simply being crystallized. This process benefits those household where the water is extremely hard. Both regeneration, as well as the supply of salt, is crucial for this unit to soften water effectively. The product can efficiently eliminate as much as 30,000 grains for every 13 pounds of salt.Reviewing Morton M30 System Saver Water Softener - water softener
  • Improved Soap Cleaning- With the hard water softened, you don’t have to suffer from dull and dry hair or skin. Laundry and dishwashing are also improved as the water becomes way softer. Also, because there is no buildup of limescale on the pipes, you don’t have to face any blockage problem. In terms of drinking, this product does not function to filter water; instead, it softens the water, which improves the smell and taste of the water.
  • Advanced Minimalistic Design- This unit comes with a single tank, which ensures that soft water is available whenever required. Because of the use of a single tank, there is no need of block salt for this unit to function. Instead, you can use table salt or granulated salt. This system has a minimalistic design as it contains a single tank, and it measures only 95 pounds, which makes it occupy as little as 1.3 square feet of floor area.
  • On Demand Regeneration- There is no timer for regeneration process to take place, and it occurs only after the resin beads have depleted. When regeneration occurs at complete depletion, the softening of the water is enhanced. In fact, for this Morton M30 unit, you require only half of the salt amount that you need for other water softening systems.
  • Saves Water- This system for water softening can effectively save water. This is because the makers have incorporated a technology that allows the appliance to monitor as well as address any future use of water patterns within your household. The unit can easily adjust to any changes that you make in the use of water at home through its “Recharge Now/Recharge Tonight” option (button). Consequently, you can save energy, water as well as money.
  • Easy DIY Installation- The Morton M30 can be easily installed without the help of any professional. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions while assembling the unit. Each part of the unit can be installed conveniently, and an additional kit comes with the package that allows you to get the plumbing done without any difficulty.

Essential Specifications:

  • Weight of the product- 95 pounds
  • Dimensions- 5 X 5 X 5 inches
  • Grain Capacity- 30,000
  • Water Flow Rate- 9 gallons in a minute
  • Voltage- 120/24 Volt (AC adapter)
  • Battery Backup- Lasts for 8 hours
  • Display- LCD Display along with buttons (4)
  • Warranty- 1-year warranty for all the parts as well as 10-year warranty for the Morton M30 tank


  • Occupies minimum space; as little as 1.3 square feet
  • Advanced technology used in the design that helps you save, water, salt, energy as well as money
  • Regeneration is possible whenever required


  • The unit does not function to filter water

In Conclusion:

The Morton M30 is an investment worth every penny as you get the best of technology and quality in a single water softening system. The makers are well-reputed and well-accepted for their products in the market. With the Morton M30, you will get whiter clothes, cleaner utensils, and of course healthier hair and skin.