Reviewing Eddy Water Softener – Electronic Descaler


Even with all the technological advancements, electronic systems for water softening have still not been completely developed. However, the Eddy water softener is an exceptionally advanced descaler that has taken electronic water softening to a new level. It is an effective water softener for households affected by hard water issues and has the potential to eliminate limescale from pipes, sinks, and faucets quite impressively.

Reviewing Eddy Water Softener - Electronic Descaler - water softener

Profitable Features Of Eddy Electronic Water Softener:

Eddy descaler is essentially useful for those households that are affected by hard water in moderation. Generally, hard water consists of iron, magnesium, calcium, and manganese in dissolved form. When the minerals crystallize and dry on the interior surface of water pipes, they lead to plumbing malfunction. Subsequently, the choked pipes lower the rate of water flow and result in limescale and soap scum. All this can be avoided by using Eddy Descaler for water softening. Here’s how beneficial this product is:

  • Reviewing Eddy Water Softener - Electronic Descaler - water softenerSuperior Technology – The revolutionary technology used in Eddy Descaler incorporates magnetic wave (complex) for softening water. The two coils featuring in this water softener are neatly winded all over the main supply pipes in your house. When the magnetic waves pass through the hard water, they paralyze the hard ions (that lead to limescale formation) by completely disintegrating the crystals or compounds that leave behind limescale or white residue on your plumbing fixtures. This prevents the limescale from forming in the interior surface of the water pipes. Additionally, Eddy Descaler’s magnetic-field technology retains the hardness that comes from the minerals.
  • Simple Operation And Installation – The installation does not require any professional assistance and can be undertaken by anyone. This DIY installation advantage saves you a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on hiring professionals. Also, there is no need for you to make any changes in the plumbing system to install the Eddy Descaler. This product’s performance is enhanced in metal and plastic pipes (with the exception of iron and lead pipes).
  • Convenient Design – Eddy Descaler’s design makes it much more convenient to use, unlike most other water softeners. The simple and minimalist design of this product also comes with easy operation. No hidden holes or confusing panels are present in this product to perplex you while making any changes in the system.
  • No Use Of Salt – The best part is that you don’t have to use salt when softening water using this product. The absence of salt also makes the drinking water more palatable and ensures that the healthy minerals in the water are retained while the unwanted minerals are eliminated.
  • Space-Saving Product – The Eddy Descaler weighs as little as 1.4 pounds and its dimensions are small enough to fit this water softener anywhere in the house. The energy consumption of the product is also very low, as it requires only 5 watts for operation.

Specifications Of The Eddy Descaler:

  • The product weight- 1.46 pounds
  • Dimensions- 6.7 X 1.6 X 3.5 inches
  • Voltage- 110 Volts
  • Wattage- 5 Watts
  • Warranty- The product comes with 12-month warranty (limited), which is applicable in case of accidental damage. The manufacturer offers replacement guarantee or free repair within the warranty period.


  • You don’t require prior plumbing knowledge to install this product
  • It can soften water without making any alteration in the water’s composition
  • It does not require salt to function
  • 1-year warranty is available on this product along with replacement guarantee and free repair
  • It can be installed very easily and conveniently
  • Functions perfectly well with metal and plastic pipes


  • It does not change the feel of the water or improve soap lather but simply removes the hardness in water

In Conclusion:

The Eddy Descaler is just the right product for softening water without drilling a hole in your pocket. It may not be the permanent solution you are looking for, but it offers relief to your household from limescale formation and soap scuds, and that too at a reasonable price. The product is ideal for households affected by 8 GPG. This is by far the best electronic system for water softening in the present market.