Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller


Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller is a budget water distiller that is ideal for home and vocational use. This water distiller is compact, lightweight, and has a modern design. Also, the unit is space saving and portable making it even more ideal for travel or vacations.

Besides, this water distiller has a high and effective filtering capacity as it is able to produce up to 6-gallon of pure and clean water each day. It means that removing bacteria, dissolved particles, as well as VOC becomes a breeze with Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller.

Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller - home water distillers

The unit operates with a voltage of 100-120V with a power output of 750W. The automatic functions allow you to set the water distiller and it can run without needing close supervision. The unit can automatically regulate the temperature as well as shut off at the end of the distillation process.

Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller top-notch features.

1. Stainless steel chamber

The unit has a steam chamber that is entirely made of a strong and high quality 304 stainless steel. Other than enhancing durability, the stainless steel also makes the steam chamber easier to clean. Even better, the unit has a large opening at the top that makes easier to clean by hand. The large opening allows you to comfortably clean even hard to reach areas and remove all the residues. The steel chamber allows the unit to build up the pressure and heat needed to turn the water into steam. At the periphery of the stainless steel chamber is the electronic heater pipe that is made of aluminum. The aluminum metal is reinforced so as to last long and transfer maximum heat to the water in the steam chamber.

2. Temperature control feature

Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller has a highly efficient temperature control feature that allows the unit to automatically shut off. When the temperature reaches a maximum of 160 degrees, the thermostat triggers the off button, shutting the water distiller. This feature is designed to protect the unit from overheating and enhancing the life of your water distiller. Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller also comes with extra safety measures as it is fitted with a fuse that protects the unit from a power surge.

3. Stainless steel fan blade

When it comes to design and quality of the fan blade, Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller comes at the top. The blades are made from stainless steel and you will never have to replace as the blades are designed to last the entire time of the water distiller. Such reliability will ensure that temperature of the cooling coils is always kept low for the enhanced output of distilled water.

4. Innovative steel nozzles inserts

The last thing that you want is anything that can contaminate the distilled water. Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller has innovative inserts that are made from steel so as to protect the distilled water from coming in contact with plastic. One major disadvantage of having a plastic nozzle is that it easily attracts dirt and bacteria, therefore, re-contaminate the distilled water. The steel inserts are designed in such a way that you can slip into the nozzle allowing the distilled water to trickle down to a glass bottle without being contaminated. This unit is delivered with a glass bottle that has a strengthen handle. It means that you can lift the glass bottle when full without having to worry about the handle breaking off.


• Ridgeyard is competitively priced
• Has innovative steel nozzle inserts
• The distiller is delivered with a glass bottle
• The bottle has a strengthened handle
• This unit is easy to operate and user-friendly
• It is compact hence easy to store
• The water distiller has a large opening making it easy to clean
• The unit can produce up to 6-gallon water each day


• The unit does not produce sufficient heat
• It is considerably slow


Despite the fact that Ridgeyard 4L Pure Water Distiller is one of the competitively priced water distillers, it is regarded as one of the best water distillers you can find in the market. This distiller is certainly worth the value of your money.

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