CNCShop Water Distiller Review


This water distiller is reliable, safe, and simple, making it perfect for producing home-made pure distilled water. CNCShop Water Distiller has a 4-liter capacity steam chamber and runs on 110V 60HZ power input and produces 750W power output. The heating element converts the power into heat and produces 1-liter of distilled water every single hour.

CNCShop Water Distiller is incredibly easy to use as it has an automated shutoff feature. To begin the distillation process, all you need to do is pour the 4-liters of tap water into the steam chamber and switch it on. The aluminum heating element supplies the heat that converts water into steam. As the steam rises, it passes through the filtration media before being condensed into distilled water by stainless steel coils. The final stage involves the water flowing through activated carbon before trickling through the nozzles to a glass bottle. In the end, you will end up with clean water to drink.

CNCShop Water Distiller Review - home water distiller

This steamer is really effective as it can remove most contaminants from any fresh water source. The heat will kill the microorganism in the water while residue is left behind as the steam rises. Besides, VOCs will be completely eradicated as the steam rises through the filtration media before being condensed to clean water ready for use.

Here are the notable features of CNCShop Water Distiller.

1. 4-liter capacity stainless steam chamber

CNCShop Water Distiller has a 4-liter stainless steam chamber making the unit suitable for distilling water for office, home, dental labs, and when on vacation. The unit is able to produce up to 1-gallon of pure distilled water. Besides, the stainless steel used in the steam chamber is approved and safe for handling most of the consumables. This comes as a big relief as you will not have to worry of any form of secondary contamination as the steam is being condensed back to water. CNCShop Water Distiller also has cooling coils that are made of stainless steel for maximum condensation.

2. Over-temperature safety features

It is absolutely safe to use CNCShop Water Distiller for home or office water distillation as it is fitted with over-temperature safety control. When the temperature exceeds 160 degrees, which is the maximum temperature set for this unit, the thermostat switches off the unit. It means that this water distiller will power off when the water level is too low. This will save you the trouble of having to monitor the distillation process from time to time. In addition, this unit has a fuse that is designed to protect the unit from a power surge. The fuse blows up when there is a short circuit protecting the heating element as well as the fan.

3. Innovative glass nozzle inserts

This steamer has extra protective measures that ensure that the water is not re-contaminated as it trickles down to the glass bottle. One of these measures includes the use of glass nozzle inserts that ensure that the water does not come in contact with either plastic or metal as it enters into the glass bottle. When distilled water comes in contact with plastic, it can either alter the taste or re-contaminate the water as it easily attracts dust, particles, and germs. But with the use of glass nozzle, the chance of re-contamination is completely ruled out.

4. Numerous accessories

When you unpack this water distiller, you will notice that it comes with numerous accessories. The box contains one water bottle, discharge cap, one bottle cap, one filter, long power wire, and cleaning powder. In addition, there is a detailed instruction manual that illustrates how to use as well as maintain this unit.


• This unit is fitted with over-temperature control features
• The unit is user-friendly
• It comes with numerous accessories
• This water distiller comes with a detailed manual
• The distilled water does not come in contact with plastic
• The steam chamber and cooling coil are made from stainless steel
• It does not require supervision
• It compact and lightweight


• It produces a lot of noise
• It comparatively slow when it comes to water output


CNCShop Water Distiller is a reliable water distiller worth the value of your money. It produces clean water for home or office use. At the same time, it is reliable and safe to use as it has safety protective features.

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