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Pelican Water Softener Systems

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A water softener system under the name ‘Pelican’ is perhaps one of the most underrated brands in the softening industry today. And although they’re not given due recognition for most of the time, they still maintain a decent standing in terms of customer satisfaction and yearly sales. Learn more about this outstanding yet often overlooked brand by reading our guide for today.

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The Pelican Company was established in 2007 and their mission was to manufacture ultramodern salt-free water softeners combined with the best customer service that they can offer for the benefit of the whole family. Their emergence came to a point where water softening was already considered a necessity by most American families and at the same time when the use of salt-based filtration systems became an issue to environmental activists as well as health conscious people.

Pelican water softener devices are 100 percent eco-friendly because the company believes that the production of soft water should be a sustainable and environment-friendly process. And because of their progressive thinking, they were able to gather certifications from Water Quality Association, Better Business Bureau, U.S. Green Building Council Member, and their very own DVGW certification.

Today, Pelican water softener systems ranks as one of the best salt-free systems in removing water contaminants in the form of chlorine, pharmaceutical compounds, chloramines, and other harmful pathogens. Their softening systems are guaranteed DIY friendly, and overall efficient. And though they are not often recognized by most review sites as compared to the more popular salt-based water softeners, you can still be assured of having a healthy solution for water softening once you install any of their devices in your homes today.

Does The Pelican Brand Able To Offer Good Quality Water Softener Systems?

Without a doubt, Pelican’s approach in softening water is revolutionary and interesting. Aside from that, we commend their products for being DIY- friendly knowing that most of the consumers today are leaning towards a system that could work well to their advantage in every detail. Yeah, they have the capacity to become one of the leading brands in the business someday. But frankly there are still some areas they need to work on. And as experts, we need to point out these areas for you to carefully assess their product’s capabilities should you choose to consider their water softener systems.
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In our opinion, here are some of the reasons why Pelican is often disregarded in some of the top rated water softener discussions today:

The technology used – While we are so impressed by their eco-friendly solutions in treating hard water, we can’t say the same for other customers since most people tend to lean on the popular choice for most of the time. Let face it, most of the top brands today get their money on ion exchange water softeners. And though there are other salt-less systems coming out, these devices have a lot to prove in terms of the technology being used. In effect, Pelican has to do the same considering their neophyte status (as compared to most water softener brands) to make a believer out of everybody.

So much choices to look into – Sometimes, having a lot of options can be too much for one customer to handle. And unfortunately we see this case in Pelican water softeners. As a customer, you would like to scrutinize all the aspects of the product you are interested in buying while comparing them from one brand to the other. And though their softening systems are impeccable to say the least, they should have simplified their options so that more customers will be enticed to examine their products.

Starting rate is not that appealing for level entry buyers – Would you consider buying a $1000 device for entry level water softening? Not really… Most customers are not that comfortable in paying that kind of money just yet. In a way, they feel like they are taking a risk. So spending a lot is not a way to go. This is also dilemma in choosing Pelican water softeners since they do not offer any models below $1000. Surely enough, they would get a ding on this in most reviews knowing that they have several products to offer and yet not one of these devices are cheap enough for an average Joe to afford. The company should have thought of creating less expensive products so that customers will be able to feel the cost-effectiveness of their products right away as stated in their website. Indeed, customer satisfaction does matter. But there’s also a saying that goes “First impressions last”. And frankly, customers are never shy of sharing their experiences especially when they think that their money was being poured down the drain.

The Top Pelican Water Softener Systems

As mentioned in our previous section, Pelican offers a plethora of options when it comes to their water softener devices from Filter/Softener Combos, Salt-Free Softeners, Salt Softeners, to High Flow Estate Systems and each of these products come in different packages (standard, advanced, commercial, etc.). But for the sake of simplicity, we are going to focus only on the salt-free systems since these are their top selling products in the market today.

Pelican softener systems are also called as NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softeners. These devices eliminate hard water problems such as scaling (99.6%) without necessarily adding or removing anything from the water.

So with no further ado, here are the top Pelican water softener systems for you to check:

NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener (NS3 & NS6 Models) – Basically, these types of softening devices are designed to eliminate hard water problems by changing the chemical composition of mineral elements in water so they won’t be able to stick to your pipes, shower fittings, and kitchen appliances. The NaturSoft salt free softener boasts in being an eco-friendly device since no softener waste is being produced as compared to the conventional ion exchange water softener. And since no amount of chemicals is being added or removed during the process, these can also be considered as healthier alternatives in softening tap water.

Here are the features you can get when you opt of the NaturSoft salt-free water softener (in 2 different sizes):

Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener

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(NS3 Model):

  • Maximum flow rate of 10 GPM
  • Operating pressure of 25 to 80 PSI
  • Operating temperatures of 36 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Connection size of 1 inch
  • Tank’s resin media needs no replacement
  • Sediment filter needs to be changed every 3 to 6 months
  • Usually comes with an extra sediment filters and O-rings
  • Maximum flow rate of 15 GPM
  • Operating pressure of 25 to 80 PSI
  • Operating temperatures of 36 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Connection size of 1 inch
  • Tank’s resin media needs no replacement
  • Sediment filter needs to be changed every 6 to 9 months
  • Usually comes with an extra sediment filters and O-rings
 (NS6 Model):
The NaturSoft water softener is good for houses with 1-3 bathrooms (NS3) and 4-6 bathrooms (NS6). Plus, you can also avail of their extra sediment filter and O-ring packs (additional charges apply).

NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener w/UV Protection (NS3-PUV-8 & NS6-PUV-16 Models) – In essence, these types of water softeners have all the capabilities of the NS3 and the NS6 models and more as it also has a UV protection (in a separate chamber) to eliminate all the free radicals in the water.

And here are the other features of these products:


  • Maximum flow rate of 8.9 GPM
  • 40 Watts of UV Lamp Power
  • 50 Watts max. power consumption
  • NSF Cert.: NSF 55 Class B
  • 110 V standard electrical outlet
  • Warranties: 10 years (Chamber), 3 years (Power Supply), 1 year ( UV lamp and sensors)
Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener With UV Protection

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  • Maximum flow rate of 15.8 GPM
  • 70 Watts of UV Lamp Power
  • 83 Watts max. power consumption
  • NSF Cert.: NSF 55 Class B
  • 110 V standard electrical outlet
  • Warranties: 10 years (Chamber), 3 years (Power Supply), 1 year ( UV lamp and sensors)

The NaturSoft water softener w/UV protection is good for houses with 1-3 bathrooms (NS3-PUV-8) and 4-6 bathrooms (NS6-PUV-16). Plus, you can also avail of their extra sediment filter, O-ring packs, UV lamps, and UV sleeves (additional charges apply).

NOTE: All Pelican water softener products are covered by warranty. Please go to their official website’s warranty page for more information.

SPECIAL MENTION: While you’re visiting their website to look over these salt-free water softener systems, be sure to check out their Pelican Advantage Series which is their version of salt-based water softeners, but are less marketable compared to the devices mentioned above.

Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener
  • NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener (NS3 & NS6 Models)
  • Type: Salt-Less
  • Technology Used: Softens hard water without adding or removing any checmicals.
  • Advantage: No salt required and less water is used, hence no softener waste is produced.
  • Additional Notes: DIY-friendly and requires electricity.
  • PRICE: $$$ (even after discount)
Pelican NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener With UV Protection
  • NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener w/UV Protection (NS3-PUV-8 & NS6-PUV-16 Models)
  • Type: Salt-Less
  • Technology Used: Softens hard water without adding or removing any checmicals.
  • Advantage: No salt required and less water is used, hence no softener waste is produced.
  • Additional Notes: DIY-friendly and requires electricity.
  • PRICE: $$$ (even after discount)
Installation Is So Easy!
  • Pelican Advantage Series Water Softeners
  • Type: Salt-Based
  • Technology Used: Softens hard water with the use of softening salts (traditional method).
  • Advantage: Effortless operation and very easy to install.
  • Additional Notes: DIY-friendly and requires electricity.
  • PRICE: $$$ - $$$$ (even after discount)

What Are The Benefits When You Go For A Pelican Water Softener?

Pelican Water Softeners Are 100% Eco-Friendly

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What we like about Pelican water softeners is the fact that they are very easy to install and operate. Apart from that, a lot of customers point out on the significant difference in the taste of the water after installation. In addition to this, their softening systems do not require salt to soften water (at least, in their top selling products), which is admirable since SOME consumers nowadays are looking out for better ways for treating hard water apart from the usual devices.

Furthermore, we like the idea that the company does give back to the community. For every water softener units sold, a part of the proceeds will be donated to the charities they are supporting: American Cancer Society, International Bird Rescue, Our Home Transitional, and Operation First Response. It’s just their one way of showing their love and support to the community aside from producing environment-friendly softening systems.

Are There Any Pros And Cons In Buying Any Of Their Softening Products?

Use It For 90 Days Or Your Money Back, Guranteed!

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As a wise buyer, you will always think of the advantages and disadvantages of the product you wish to buy. And in this section, we are going to give our best to highlight some of these very important details so you will know if this product is really the best softening device to use or not.

Based on observation, we noticed that Pelican offers a 90-day money back guarantee. And this caught our attention immediately since not all softening brands are willing to give this kind of benefit to consumers. So now you have the option to try out any of their water softener systems and return the product for a full refund in case you are not satisfied by it. Aside from that, most of their products shipped for free. And you can also opt for their auto-ship plan at a fixed price for their replacement filters.

As for the cons particularly on the product’s specification and efficiency, we cannot find any distinct weaknesses in their water softeners other than the selling price. And surely enough, most people would agree to this knowing that there are other similar products out there which are less expensive. But don’t be turned off by this detail just yet, because we believe it’s still worth to try any of their softening devices since you can avail of their money back guarantee option (conditions may apply) anytime within 90 day period. So take a chance and experience what they can offer in battling your hard water problems. After all, you can always choose to return their water softener without going beyond the 3 month limit if you’re not really contented by the product’s performance.

What Are The Requirements To Set Up A Pelican Water Softener?

Installation Is So Easy!

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Honestly, there are no special requirements when it comes to installing a Pelican water softener. Just follow the instructions stated in their service manual and it can be set up effortlessly whether you’re a guy or a girl. And you don’t have to worry about breaking any warranty conditions when you do the installation on your own since their softening systems are designed to be set up by the user manually.

You can also hire the services of a local plumber to help you install the product quickly. Of course, this saves you all the trouble in doing all the hard work. But be sure to allot a portion of your money to pay for this job.

Moreover, Pelican water softener systems do not necessarily require you to contact an installer that is certified by their company. So this goes without saying that whether you have a resident installer in your area a friend/neighbor who happens to be a plumber, you can go ahead and ask for their help in installing your water softener at home.

What Are Some Of The Issues I Should Be Mindful Of?

Based on most reviews we have gathered as well as the personal experiences of some of the members in our team who are currently using their softening systems at home, here are the common issues you can expect when you buy a Pelican water softener system:
Do I Have To Worry About Anything After Installing A Pelican Water Softener?

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The price of the product is very expensive – Time and again, a lot of customers are not really happy about the pricing of their products. Even if their softening systems are mostly discounted as displayed in their website, it’s still not enough to convince the customer to check out their product right away without going through a detailed explanation of the benefits. We do believe that their products are great. However, the company should also consider in manufacturing similar water softeners that are reasonably priced for the benefit of the masses.

You are on your own – Unlike other brands which provide installation services to their customers if needed, Pelican assumes the responsibility of the set up process to the user after the device is shipped directly in their houses. In other words, you are expected to handle the set up on your own or ask for help on other sources if you’re not up for the job. And while this idea works well for DIY enthusiasts, some consumers prefer the hands off approach. And if this happens, they are likely to spend extra money just to have their water softener fitted in their homes.

Outlet issues – Since Pelican water softeners require electricity to function, it is also expected that you need to install the product close to an electrical socket. And unfortunately, if you don’t have this in your basement or garage then you might need to call an electrician to help an additional socket for your device and spend extra dough again.

Performancewise, their products are totally awesome and their water softeners are very efficient.

How Do Customers Rate Their Water Softeners?

How Are Pelican Water Softeners Rated By Its Customers?

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Based on our findings, consumers are more than happy to give a 4.0-4.5 rating on Pelican water softener systems. Most of the customers who have used Pelican water softeners are very satisfied by the performance of their products. And this is not a surprise since a handful of our researchers who also installed a Pelican system at their homes and they are very happy about the quality of soft water being produced.

The way we see it, Pelican water softeners are impressive great. They don’t seem to get bad reviews concerning performance issues that often other than the external factors which affects the product’s popularity (as mentioned above). We look forward in reviewing them next year in our blog and hopefully they’ll be able to make it in our top ten list.

Where Can I Read Verified Reviews About Pelican Water Softener Systems?

Get Reviews Straight From Their Official Website

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There are actually a lot of review sites that features Pelican water softeners as one of their commonly reviewed products. But if you want to get honest reports from actual customers, then we suggest you to check their website’s customer review page as it contains 2,000+ reviews coming from customers who have actually purchased their products.

A firsthand account does matter (at least in our own opinion) because it helps potential buyers to learn more about the product they are interested in buying. Just bear in mind though that all the reviews posted there say nothing but wonderful things about their products. This makes it all the more suspicious to us since all water softeners we have featured get bad reviews at some point. So be sure to scrutinize every aspect as much as you can from the features of the products to the customer reports before making an actual purchase.

However, if ever you are in still in doubt after reading their customer reports you can be assured that all the information we are providing here a guaranteed honest an unbiased. We intend to steer readers like you to the right direction by providing truthful reports so you will end up with the best product which provides the water softening needs you require today.


Where Can I Purchase A Pelican Water Softener?

Pelican water softeners are sold directly through their website. Just go to the home page and click on the product you are considering to buy. You can also purchase any of their products from any of the certified dealers within your area. However, there is no information being provided on how to contact a Pelican dealer. So we suggest you contact their direct hotline instead at 844-261-1389 or 888-299-5035 so their operators can assist you in finding a Pelican dealer. Or go to their website’s contact page so they can immediately guide you in making the purchase.

Other than that, you cannot find other places selling Pelican products because the company intends in being a one-stop-shop in providing all your water softening and filtering needs.

We do find a few products being sold at some online store sites, but we don’t recommend you from buying there because we are not really sure if these products are covered by warranty once you purchased them from unauthorized retailers.