CO-Z Water Distiller Review


If you are on a tight budget then this 4-liter water distiller will come in handy for you. Despite being competitively priced, it works exceptionally well. The reason for the comparatively low price is that the unit has a collector that is made entirely from plastic. This unit also lacks a collection chamber. However, you can easily replace the plastic collector with a glass collector as it is not attached directly to the distiller.

Using a plastic collector comes with a disadvantage as it tends to alter the taste of distilled water. However, the good thing is that the distilled water hardly comes in contact with plastic during the distillation process while using this unit.

CO-Z Water Distiller Review -

CO-Z Water Distiller is ideal for distilling water to be used in engine cooling systems, vaporizers, fish aquariums, CPAP machines, and steam irons. This unit can distill water at a rate of 1.5 liters per hour.

Outstanding Features of the CO-Z Water Distiller

1. Temperature safeguard feature

It is absolutely safe to use CO-Z Water Distiller as it fitted with automatic shutoff temperature. This feature protects the unit from overheating during the distillation process. All you need to do is pour 4 Litters of water and turn on the unit. The automatic shutoff feature will switch off the unit once the distillation process is over or when it exceeds the temperature of 300F. Once the water is refilled or the temperature drops below 300F, it automatically switches on. The unit also has a fuse that provides ultimate protection to this water distiller.

2. It has an FDA approved stainless steel interior

CO-Z Water Distiller Review -

CO-Z Water Distiller has a stainless steel interior. The stainless steel does not only transfer heat to the steam chamber but also makes this unit one of the easiest water distillers to clean. After performing a number of distillation processes the unit needs to be cleaned to remove the residue that is left behind as water is turned into steam. The unit also is fitted with stainless steel cooling coils that are effective in condensing the steam back to clean and ready to drink distilled water.

3. Impressive flow rate

CO-Z Water Distiller has a comparatively high flow rate. The unit is capable of producing up to 1.5 liters of distilled water every single hour. It means that you will be able to collect up to 6-gallons of distilled water for a period of 24 hours. With a 50Hz as well as 750W heating elements, the unit guarantees the safest drinking water as it capable of removing bacteria, dissolved particles, as well as VOCs. This water distiller is therefore perfect for water distillation for home, dental, home, and even when you are on vacation.

4. Compact with modern design

CO-Z Water Distiller only weighs 9.7 pounds making it one of the lightest water distillers that you can comfortably use in your home, office, or while on vacation. Besides, it comes with compact modern design making it easy to store. It, therefore, means that if space is an issue, this water distiller will be ideal for your home or office. It also sturdily built to enhance durability.


  • This water distiller is incredibly easy to use
  • The unit has an automatic shut off feature
  • The interior is built using a 304 stainless steel
  • It is compact therefore easy to store
  • This water distiller produces enough heat
  • It has a significantly high flow rate
  • The unit is power efficient
  • This is one of the cheapest water distillers
  • This water distiller is lightweight
  • Uses the approved 304 stainless steel steam chamber
  • It comes with a long electric cord


  • This water has a plastic water collector
  • It has no on/off button
  • The unit comes with no collection chamber


CO-Z Water Distiller is competitively priced yet efficient enough to produce clean and pure to drink water. This unit is also user-friendly as it is incredibly easy to operate. Once you flip the switch, this water distiller can regulate the temperature and distill the water without you necessarily being there to monitor the entire process. It is also a durable unit that will serve you for a long time.