ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher Review


ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher Review - water filter pitcher
The sophistication of the ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher has been a common part of tableware for many years. They were used for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Every time we see them, they rekindle the memories of family occasions from our childhood and cause us to feel nostalgic. Still today, they are part of our lives and bring beauty, elegance, and style to our tables.

With different colors, design, and sizes, ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher can be used with any style of tableware. It is efficient in eliminating contaminants from the water and adding natural minerals that make the water tastier.

Zerowater 10 Cup Pitcher Features

  • Five-Stage Filtration Process

With a five-stage filtration process, this water filter pitcher eliminates a lot of potentially harmful contaminants such as chlorine taste and odor, as well as other heavy metals such as lead and mercury. This innovative water filtration system offers a more thorough cleaning process than using ordinary carbon filters. It also provides you with fresher and cleaner water without having to buy bottled water.

This removes about 16 types of toxic elements such as zinc, cadmium, bacteria cysts, chlorine and its by-products, mercury, as well as various sediments.

  • Five-Sophisticated Technologies

The ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher uses a sophisticated technology that works together to remove most of the dissolved contaminants from tap water, thereby delivering great tasting water. The ion exchange stage helps to remove heavy metals that may be left over from the water system delivered to the taps.

  • Push-to-Pour Feature

There is a handy spot feature that helps you to pour water from the pitcher without having to lift it from the refrigerator. The push-to-pour spout at the bottom of this pitcher handle enables you to just pour your water into your cup without lifting as well.

The pitcher will save you money you could have used to buy plastic bottles of water and will also help you preserve the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles that are disposed in the landfills. You will get great tasting water as well.

ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher Review - water filter pitcher

  • It Comes With TDS Meter

The ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher comes with a TDS meter that measures dissolved solids and contaminants in your tap water. The meter will let you know the percentage purity of your water based on the dissolved solids, and these consists of anything from heavy metals such as mercury, chromium, and lead to pharmaceuticals such as fluoride and chlorine. By eliminating these contaminants, your water will be cleaner and will taste good.

The TDS meter will also show you when it is the best time to change the filter, for instance, if your meter reads 005, you know it’s high time you need to change it. The filters used in ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher have met the FDA standards and will provide purified bottled water.

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The Pros of ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher

  • The ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher is the only pitcher to get certification by the NSF to remove traces of chromium and lead in water. This means you will be getting purer water than the one produced by other pitchers on the market.
  • This modern 10-cup capacity water filter pitcher comes with a dispenser that is located at its base making it a convenient device to keep in the fridge or on the counter without having to move it all when you want to replenish
  • Its five-step filtration process makes it an ideal device to have in your home and office since it removes all dissolved solids and contaminants from the tap water. This includes the removal of chlorine odor and taste, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, lead, tri, chromium, and hexavalent
  • It also comes with TDS meter that ensures you are getting cleaner, potable water. The TDS testing meter allows you see the percent purity of your water and also tells you when it is the right time to change the filter
  • It certified to reduce chromium, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, and lead
  • It also has an inbuilt spigot that allows it to dispense water without lifting the pitcher

The Cons

  • It only holds 10 cups of water which is quite a low capacity for a larger family
  • The replacement filters are a little pricier as compared to those used in other pitchers. However, this is justified with its improved ability to eliminate contaminants

The Final Verdict

With an advanced filtration system, the ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher is one of the best pitchers on the market. It is NSF certified to remove virtually all the water impurities. We can recommend it to anyone who wants to purchase a quality and reliable water pitcher.

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