Express Water RO5DX Reverse Osmosis System Review


Healthy water is an important part of our life. Unfortunately, the water we get from the environment is full of impurities such as dust, fluorides, sand particles, as well as other undesirable minerals. Therefore, this it is important to filter or purify water before drinking. One sure way to ensuring you get clean, pure water is by using water filtration system.

Express Water RO5DX Reverse Osmosis System Review - reverse osmosis water filter system

One of the tried and tested units is the Express Water RO5DX. Made by a US company that has been in this field for close to three decades, Express Water, you can be assured that this unit is top water filtration system. Express Water is one of the top manufacturers of water filtration systems and is not only recognized in the US but also globally.

Express Water RO5DX Feature Overview

  • Highly Efficient

The Express Water RO5DX has a wastewater: pure water ration of 3:1, which places it in the efficiency zone. A water filtration system is termed efficient if it doesn’t waste more than three gallons of wastewater in producing one gallon of clean water. Some reverse osmosis systems can waste over 24 gallons of water for every gallon of clean water; most of them have a ratio of 4: 1. Therefore, a ratio of 3:1 is considered above average.

Installation of an RO system should not increase your water bills; in fact, it should lower your water bills.

  • Reliable Manufacturer

Express Water is a popular brand in the field of water filtration system and has been in the industry for close to three decades.

All the parts of this filtration systems are made in the US, and therefore, they are up to the standards. It also has a filter housing and membrane made of BPA-free materials.

They have installed a double O-ring that ensures there are no water leakages. All their units have stainless storage tanks and membranes certified by trusted sources, and The Express Water RO5DX is no exception. This makes it a quality water filtration system.

  • Quality Filters

The Express Water RO5DX uses a 5-stage filtration system to purify water. Its filters are very efficient and can remove up to 99.99 percent of contaminants in your tap water, but this depends on your water feed.

One of the outstanding things about this system is that the filters and their casing are color-coded and therefore, you will know which one goes where. This makes replacing the filter simple and straightforward. You don’t need extra tools to replace these filters except a filter wrench, which comes with the packaging.

Its filter should be changed once every six months, but this depends on your water source. The reverse osmosis membrane should be changed once every two years.

  • It Prevents Water Wastage

The Express Water RO5DX is a well-designed system that even if you forget to turn off the water, the filters will auto shut off. This saves your filter from filtering water not meant for drinking or cooking.

Also, it has a ball valve control that turns the system on and off. It acts as an automatic shut off button once the tank is full.

The storage tank has a capacity of 3.2 gallons of water. It has a flow restrictor that maintains the rate of water flow from the tank. It shuts off whenever the water pressure exceeds 65 psi.

  • It Is Easy to Install and Maintain

With a simple instruction guide that explains the steps to be followed when installing this unit as well as a dedicated technical support team that helps customers through calls and emails, installing this unit is becomes easier.

The system needs filter replacement only after six months, and the best thing is that these filter cartridges come with an extra set of four filter cartridges that are standard-sized. This makes installation easier.

Pros of the Express Water RO5DX

  • The device is easy to assemble
  • Has an auto shut off button when the tank is 2/3 full, meaning you don’t have to worry about overflow
  • They have an excellent customer service
  • It is offered at affordable price, making it a great value for the money


  • From the Express Water RO5DX reverse osmosis system reviews posted by customers, we found out there were complains that the membrane housing is sometimes difficult to open

The Bottom Line

Express Water RO5DX offers a great value for money. With an ability to eliminate 99.99% of contaminants, this reverse water filtration system is one of the best in the market. We would recommend it to anyone who needs a tried and tested RO system.

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