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No More Using Softener Salts

A salt-free water softener treats hard water without using salt. And unlike salt based systems which process soft water the traditional way, a salt-free water softener system can treat hard water using a variety of methods. But can we really trust these devices in dealing with our hard water problems? Read on as we are going to tackle everything you need to know about salt-free water softeners and highlight some of the best salt-free systems to be installed in your home today in this article.

About Salt-Free Water Softener Systems

A Typical Salt-Free Water Softener Unit

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In caAs mentioned in one of our previous articles about the types of water softeners, a salt-free water softener makes use of different technologies in treating hard water. Sometimes, these appliances are also referred as ‘conditioners’ and ‘descalers’ because they don’t necessarily remove the calcium and magnesium deposits in water (which are often considered as hard minerals) but they only change the chemical makeup of these substances so they won’t be able to cause scale build up in our bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances.
se you don’t know, salt-free systems have been in use ever since, but they were not as popular as the usual ion exchange devices because people were not very particular about the kind of process they use in producing soft water. The rise of salt-free devices in the mainstream market just came recently and it was caused by the high demand of the public for new and sustainable methods of water softening. As people became aware about the negative effects of having too much salt in our bodies, the use of salt-based softening units became a point of issue that some areas in the country imposed strict regulations on installing these devices at homes. And because of this development, some people turned to salt-less units in solving their hard water problems.

Today, there are countless ways to soften water without using salt. Some of these methods are the magnetic, electric, SLOW PHOS, and chelation.

Are They Reliable In Softening Water?

Can You Really Ger More From A Salt-Free Water Softener?

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Based on our expertise, we can say that you can really put your money on a salt-less water softener. In terms of efficiency, they are some of the best softeners you can find around (well, at least most of them) because they can deal with all your hard water problems the same way as salt-based devices do, but without the use of salt. Basically, the supplied water is being treated through a process using a catalytic media called TAC or Template Assisted Crystallization that will turn these hard minerals into hard crystals and effectively preventing them from binding into any surfaces. This is a big plus, especially if you are looking at this from a health and wellness point of view as some people believe that these “hard” minerals are also beneficial to our body. And removing them from the water is like robbing our bodies from these nutrients.

On the other hand, some experts do not advice in using these appliances since some to the technologies being employed are not scientifically proven. Meaning, some methods may or may not work to your advantage. So it’s best that you should research first about these systems before actually buying one for your home.

Nonetheless, we stand by our word as we believe (based on experience and factual reviews) salt-free water softeners really works in giving you soft water at home. They are reliable because if not, then why some of the big names in the softening business would care to manufacture their own version of salt-free devices today?

There are actually a lot of benefits you can get while using a salt-free water softener and here are some of them:

Are Salt-Free Softeners Better Than Salt-Based Systems

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No salt – Of course, you simply cannot mention this when you talk of salt-free systems. It’s basically their main purpose. They were invented to give consumers an alternative option for softening water. This is their main selling point regardless of the technology they use in producing soft water.

No water softener waste – Another benefit you cannot afford to miss is the fact that you won’t have to deal with any waste that is normally produced by ion exchange softeners after every regeneration cycle. As we all know, some environmentally-conscious organizations do not recommend the use to salt-based water softener because the backwash brine can stress the septic system (which can also harm the environment). And since salt-free water softener systems produce zero waste, you won’t have to worry about your system from harming the eco-system in any way.

Easy installation – Most of these are designed to be installed very easily. In fact, you only have to wrap around the wires around the pipes and attach it into the electric device in order to install one of these devices. One example of these very easy to install devices is the Scalewatcher Nano Electric Descaler.

Maintenance-free –Most salt-free systems are virtually maintenance free! There’s no salt to refill, there are no settings to adjust, and you won’t have to worry about any clean up!

Save on operation cost – You can actually save money while using these devices at home since you don’t have to buy salt pellets on a monthly basis. Of course, some of these systems require electricity to operate, but rest assured you’ll be paying less than the usual since salt-free water softeners only requires minimal amount of electrical power in order to produce magnetic waves or electric pulses. And you can also save on space too since these devices don’t usually require a big area in your garage or basement in order to be installed.

Here’s What You Get After Installing A Salt-Free Water Softener

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And since we have mentioned the advantages of using salt-free devices, it is but fitting that you should also be aware of their disadvantages to carefully assess your softening options:

Your body is still susceptible to the effects of hard water (?) – Some softening experts are not really convinced with salt-free water softeners since your body is still exposed to these hard elements in water. According to them, the effects of turning these minerals into hard crystals may work well with metallic surfaces but not as effective with our skin. Hence, there is still a possibility that these hard minerals can cause our skin to dry and make our hair frizzy every time you take a shower.

It takes time before you can feel the resultSalt based water softener often show faster results compared to salt-free units because the treatment process starts at the moment you are using it. On the other hand, water descalers use electricity to operate which can take time before you see and feel the results. So be sure to take note of this if you intend to buy a salt-free water softener today.

Our List Of The Top 10 Salt-Free Water Softener Systems Of 2015

In this section, we have gathered some of the top selling salt-free water softeners of 2015. The order of these of these systems is categorized according to efficiency and popularity (as based on some of the reports we have read). The purpose of this list is to inform readers (like you) about the top salt-less water softener options to choose from while shopping for a softener for your home today (in descending order).

Nuvo H2O DPHB Water Softener System

The Nuvo H2O DPHB Water Softener System

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Without a doubt, we consider this type of water softener as one of our favorites as we have also featured this in one of our previous list. The Nuvo H2O DPHB Water Softener System is an eco-friendly device that protects out body from all the possible effects of salt that is normally used in standard water softeners. Based on research, this water descaler gets a lot of nice reviews from customers and we particularly like this system because of the chelation process it does to our water.

Please refer to our top rated water softeners list for more information on the pros and cons of using this product.

Aquios Full House Salt-Free Filter And Water Softener System

This device is also one of the best-selling salt-free devices in 2015. The Aquios Full House Salt-Free Filter and Water Softener System has the ability to soften hard water and get rid of unnecessary impurities at the same time, which is also considered as complete package as it also comes with a water softener system.

The Aquios Full House Salt-Free Filter And Water Softener System

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What’s great about this product is that it operates without the need of electricity and is virtually maintenance free. And you don’t have to replace the filter cartridge that often (every 6 months) compared to other softeners having the same feature.

Aside from that, here are the other benefits you can get when you opt for the Aquios Full House Salt-Free Filter and Water Softener System:

  • 40,000 gallon capacity
  • Filters water using a carbon block
  • Fitlering technology ensures no
  • >Commercial grade water conditioning. Meaning, the process of water softening is also ideal for big establishments.
  • amount of chlorine, sediment, and other contaminants will be left in the water after every treatment.
  • Process soft water to eliminate scale without affecting the pressure.
  • 20 year warranty for the entire housing and the softener valve.

STRENGTHS: You really get your money’s worth from this product (and more) because it softens and cleans your water without spending extra dough.

WEAKNESSES: Frequent reports about canister leaks which produces a rotten egg kind of smell. This is very unlikely since this issue is normally experienced when you are using a salt-based type of water softener.

Clearwave Electronic (CW1) Water Softener System

This type of device is one of the cheapest items in this list. For a mere price of $157 (plus shipping) the Clearwave Electronic (CW-125) Water Softener System will help you solve all your hard water problems without using any salt.

The CW-125 system is capable of producing soft water for the entire house. It comes with a smart chip that sends electronic signals to the water (electronic pulses) to bombard all the hard minerals and negate all their harmful effects to our household.

The Clearwave Electronic (CW-125) Water Softener System

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On top of that, here are the other things you can enjoy after installing the Clearwave Electronic (CWC-125) Water Softener System:

  • Ideal for homes with hard water levels of 25 GPG and up
  • Eliminates all the scale buildup that is usually caused by the calcium and magnesium minerals in water
  • Is effective on both hot & cold water
  • Scale formations inside your bathrooms will be reduced
  • Treats hard water by sending

STRENGTHS: This device is a space-saver and absolutely maintenance-free.

WEAKNESSES: One statement in their ad states that “this device is only a water conditioner. It can help remove all the scale build-up at homes, but it cannot make the water soft”. We find this a bit confusing since their product labeling is “Clearwave Electronic (CW-125) WATER SOFTENER System”, but they are also having this disclaimer at the same time… So we suggest you study this product carefully if you are looking to buy this soon.

PurHome Premier Water Softener System

The PurHome Premier PS-3000 Water Softener System

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This device is one of the luxurious items on this list. It’s quite expensive for a salt-free water softener, but it will surely do the job for you. With the PurHome Premier PS-3000 Water Softener System, you are expected to pay at least $1,450, but you also get a whopping 600,000 gallon capacity (we’re serious, this is not a typo error) for producing soft water. Now would you pass on this kind of system if you can get this amount of soft water for 5 years?

Here are some of the features of the PurHome Premier PS-3000 Water Softener System:

  • Operates without electricity
  • No weird taste in water
  • No softener waste as the device does perform backwashing
  • Technology used: conditions water by breaking down hard minerals into nano sized particles and reverse their ability to bind into any surface.

STRENGTHS: The technology being used is unique although it provides the same effects as with the crystallization of hard minerals plus the huge 600,000 gallon capacity.

WEAKNESSES: The price tag.

Hard Water Genie Computerized Water Conditioner

This next item on the list don’t usually get much of the recognition from experts, but we decided to highlight this system because we find the technology they used in treating water to be a bit intriguing.

Hard Water Genie Computerized Water Conditioner

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The Hard Water Genie Computerized Water Conditioner is a revolutionary device that makes use of radio waves (RF waves) and magnets (DIC electromagnetic technology) for treating hard water. The sine waves and the electromagnets carefully target all the hard minerals in the water so they won’t be able to produce scale buildup. And not only that, this device can also dissolve all the existing scale that is found in your plumbing and heating system.

Here are the things that you get when you install the Hard Water Genie Computerized Water Conditioner at home:

  • Product is made of durable plastic
  • Dimension: 20” x 14.5” x 9”
  • Your salt free solution in treating hard water
  • No chemicals added while conditioning hard water
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Removes scale in hard water and dissolves previous formed scale in pipes and bathroom fixtures
  • No back flushing needed
  • Lifetime warranty

STRENGTHS: Easy to install, maintenance free, and by far the “most effective” system of its kind (according to the manufacturer).

WEAKNESSES: The technology being used is not yet scientifically proven and the performance of the product can only be gauged according to manufacturer and customer’s claims (at least, for now).

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Water Dove (S-6000) Whole House Water Softener

The Water Dove (S-6000) Whole House Water Softener

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Is particular device is a low-maintenance type of water softener that uses NSF (all natural) resin to treat and prevent scale formations in your homes thereby allowing your pipes and bathroom fittings to have a longer serviceable life. And what’s great about this product is you can use the same NSF resin for the next 5 to 7 years while giving you up to 700,000 to 1,000,000 of good clean water (whichever comes first).

Here are the features of the Water Dove (S-6000) Whole House Water Softener:

  • Weight: 105 lbs.
  • No electricity required
  • Extends the lifespan of your water heater, dishwasher, and all other areas in your home where water is usually passing through
  • Has a 10 year warranty coverage
  • From Chanson Water

STRENGTHS: NSF resin that is used for producing soft water.

WEAKENESSES: The price tag ($ 2,185)

Magnetic Water Softener Outback Model

The Magnetic Water Softener Outback Model

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Dubbed as “the largest magnetic water softener”, this device is also very interesting for it supposedly softens and conditions water without the use of electricity. Unlike similar magnetic water softeners, the Magnetic Water Softener Outback Model relies entirely on the power of magnets to create a magnetic field and trap all the hard minerals in the water and prevent them from causing problems into your homes.

Here are the other features you can enjoy while using the Magnetic Water Softener Outback Model:

  • Dimensions: 11” x 2” x 2.5”
  • The magnets are massive and powerful that it can be used on irrigation systems and yet as effective when installed in large residential areas.
  • The device uses magnetic wave technology to soften water, no need for electricity as compared to other similar magnetic softener devices.
  • Easy to install even with no tools and it does not require any modifications
  • Considered as the best selling high-powered magnetic water softener

STRENGTHS: Very affordable for a salt-free water softener of this size. Perfect for homes with big number of inhabitants and in places where the level of hardness in water is extremely hard.

WEAKNESSES: Like most of the salt-free water softeners, the technology being used by the Magnetic Water Softener Outback Model remains questionable as there is an ongoing debate on the efficiency of magnets in water softening.

The GreenTreat Water Cascade

The GreenTreat Water Cascade

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The name of this next item in our list alone is enough to make us ponder, and fortunately we were right about making this choice. The GreenTreat Water Cascade is a salt-free type of water conditioner that removes chlorine and other toxic elements from the water while retaining all the beneficial substances and getting rid of scale at the same time.

Here are the features you can get while choosing the GreenTreat Water Cascade:

  • For homes with up to 50 GPG level of hardness in water
  • Weight 46 lbs. (shipping weight)
  • No drain connection required
  • No back flushing
  • Absolutely maintenance-free up to 5 years

STRENGTHS: Beneficial for health-conscious people who believe that minerals in the water should not be necessarily filtered since they are also needed by our bodies and is environmentally safe too!

WEAKNESSES: Like most of the salt-free water softeners, the technology being used by the GreenTreat Water Cascade is controversial since no concrete data can show the utmost efficiency of this device based on the technology used as most of the good things being said about this product are only back up by customer reviews.

Scale Sentry SFSP844 Scale Prevention Salt-Free Water Softener

Based on the name of this item, we can safely say that the Scale Sentry SFSP844 Scale Prevention Salt-Free Water Softener is primarily designed to remove all your scale problems away. Basically, it’s just one of the many things you expect to get while softening water without the use of salt.

The Scale Sentry SFSP844 Scale Prevention Salt-Free Water Softener

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And here are the other things you can get from the Scale Sentry SFSP844 Scale Prevention Salt-Free Water Softener:

  • No salt or chemicals required for producing soft water
  • No electricity needed
  • Simple IN/OUT installation process with DIY instructions included
  • An upflow type of water softener. Meaning, there is no backwashing being done.
  • No wastewater produced
  • Warranty for valve is 5 years while the tank is 10 years

STRENGTHS: One of the few brands that offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

WEAKNESSES: The item is quite pricey even after discount ($997.95)

CuZn Whole House Water Softener And Water Filter (WHCC-35 Model)

The CuZn Whole House Water Softener And Water Filter (WHCC-35 Model)

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This device produces soft water through a 3 stage filtration procedure where the supplied water will pass through a micro-sediment filter, a proprietary reticulated KDF-55 filter, and an acid washed virgin coconut shell carbon.

Aside from that, here are the other features you can enjoy while using the CuZn Whole House Water Softener And Water Filter (WHCC-35 Model):

  • Filters more than 600 contaminants in water
  • DIY kit included and tank replacement options are available
  • Produces 500,000 gallons of soft water for up to 5 years
  • No electricity required
  • No back flushing
  • All parts are certified by the NSF

STRENGTHS: Practically, an all in one system and also eco-friendly.

WEAKNESSES: While the 3 stage filtration technology is widely recognized by experts as scientifically proven, nothing much has been mentioned regarding the product’s warranty.

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Stay tune for more interesting and informative articles about water softener systems and be sure to check our other articles in our website’s blog.

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